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Born and raised in Portland, OR. Timslew

(Director, Visual communications)

teamed up with Sean McDonald

(Marketing, Event Promotion)

out of South Dakota to create Soundlapse. An artist development company focused primarily on photography & video production.

Three years later, the work of Soundlapse has been featured on such online publications as XXL, Vibe Magazine, 2dopeboyz, MTV & more. Shortly after the company launch, Mychal Bogan was brought on as a partner after receiving a Bachelors degree in Mass Communications from the University of South Dakota. To date the trio has aqquired a combine total of over 5,000,000 views on youtube, put on 350+ events including headlining artists, Blackflag, Andrew W.K., Atmoshpere, Saves the day, Grieves & more. 


How much does a video cost?

Videos range in price depending on the concept, equipment needed as well as how much time is required going into it. In short, every video will be different. As a start most music videos will have a base price of $500 and go up from there. 

How much does a photoshoot cost?

Typically $75 an hour for digital. Analog is dependent on the film/cameras used. 

Can I make payments on a music video?

Absollutley! 50% of total cost is due before the day of shoot, after that, you may make payments until debt is payed in full. Video will be delivered upon final payment.

Where are you guys based out of?

The answer to this depends on which service you require. We have photographers in Oregon, South Dakota, & Texas while directors are limited to Oregon & California.

Are you willing to travel?

Yes. Traveling is something we are no strangers to, However: Travel compinsation will be required, as well as a payment in full before the shoot. 





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